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2-Piece set Silicone Utensil Rest

Regular price $9.99

2-piece silicone utensil rest/holder

 These high quality, durable, heat resistant utensil rests/holders are a perfect and thoughtful addition to any kitchen. Avoid messy and stained kitchen counters, tea/coffee tables, and stove-tops, and also prevent the potential injury that could be caused by falling objects such as ladles, spoons, and whisks.

  • DURABLE: Made from high quality, heat-resistant, non-toxic silicone material which will maintain its shape and vibrant color even after the most frequent use.
  • OPTIMUM DESIGN: designed for efficient use. Ample resting surface to help hold hot kitchen cooking utensils securely in place.
  • STAIN-PROOF:  Spoon rests preserve their vibrant colors and appearance even after rigorous use.
  • EASY CLEANING & STORAGE:  Firm handle with eye hole for convenient storage by hanging from a hook. Dishwasher safe.

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